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Greater Copenhagen Vellinge

Vellinge is a municipality located in Skåne County in southern Sweden. The municipality has an area of approximately 705.5 square kilometers and a population of approximately 37,800 inhabitants (2021). Vellinge municipality borders the Baltic Sea in the south and lies between the cities of Malmö and Trelleborg. The municipality consists of several smaller communities, the largest of which are Vellinge, Höllviken and Skanör. Vellinge is known for its beautiful nature, with long sandy beaches and many green areas. There are also many cultural and historical attractions here, such as Skanörs church and Höllviken castle. The municipality also has a wide range of activities and events all year round, such as Höllviken market, Vellingeblomman and Vellinge Christmas market. Vellinge is a popular place to live because of its proximity to both the sea and the big cities, while the municipality offers a calm and pleasant living environment.

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