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Greater Copenhagen Skurup ❤️

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Greater Copenhagen Skurup

Skurup is a municipality located in southern Sweden, in the Scania province. The municipality has an area of approximately 511 square kilometers and a population of approximately 16,700 inhabitants. Skurup has a rich history that stretches back to the Viking Age and there are several cultural and historical sights to discover in the area. One of the most famous places is Glimmingehus, a well-preserved medieval castle that is one of the strongest in all of Europe. Skurup is a growing municipality with a strong business community that includes both small and large companies. The municipality also has a good range of cultural and leisure activities for residents and visitors to take part in. Skurup is a municipality with a rich history, beautiful nature and a thriving business life. It is a place well worth visiting to experience all that it has to offer. The municipality also has beautiful nature with many green areas, forests and lakes that are popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Skurup also has a rich agricultural area known for its high quality food.

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