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Greater Copenhagen Lund

Lund is a city in southern Sweden, located in Skåne County. The city has a rich history and was founded as early as the 990s. Lund is today an important university city and is home to Lund University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Scandinavia. Lund has a beautiful city center with many medieval buildings, squares and alleys. Lund Cathedral is one of the city’s most well-known buildings and is one of the prime examples of Nordic Romanesque architecture. Other attractions include Kulturen, which is an open-air museum focusing on Scanian history and culture, and the Botanical Garden, which is one of Europe’s oldest botanical gardens. Lund is also an important place for research and innovation and is home to several technology companies and research institutions. The city has a lively student culture and has many restaurants, cafes and bars that are popular with students and locals alike.Lund is easily accessible by train from Copenhagen and is a popular destination for day trips from the Danish capital.

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