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Greater Copenhagen Lomma

Lomma is a municipality located in Skåne County in southern Sweden. The municipality has an area of approximately 90.2 square kilometers and a population of approximately 24,700 inhabitants. Lomma borders the municipalities of Lund and Burlöv in the north and Öresund in the south. Lomma has a beautiful coastline with fine sandy beaches and a picturesque harbour. There are also many green areas and parks here that are popular with both residents and visitors. The municipality also has a rich cultural life with several museums, art galleries and cultural events. Lomma is also known for its many cycle paths and for being a bicycle-friendly municipality. There are also several golf courses and other leisure activities that attract many visitors all year round. The municipality has a well-developed infrastructure and good communications with the proximity to the E6 and Malmö. Lomma is part of the Öresund region and has good connections with Copenhagen in Denmark. Lomma is a beautiful and pleasant municipality with many opportunities for leisure activities and cultural experiences, while at the same time it has good communications and proximity to larger cities.

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