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Greater Copenhagen Kävlinge

Kävlinge is a municipality in Skåne County, south of the city of Lund and northwest of Malmö. The municipality has an area of approximately 292 square kilometers and a population of approximately 32,500 inhabitants (2021). The municipality is divided into three urban areas: Kävlinge, Furulund and Löddeköpinge. Kävlinge is the central town and has a picturesque town center with several restaurants, cafes and shops. Furulund is located on the coast and is known for its fine sandy beach. Löddeköpinge is the largest urban area and has a modern shopping street and several industries. The municipality has a rich history and several sights, including Kävlinge church, which is one of the oldest in Scania and dates back to the 12th century. The municipality also has several scenic areas, including Kävlingeån which is a popular place for fishing and canoeing. Communications are good in Kävlinge, with a direct train connection to both Lund and Malmö, as well as easy access to the E6 motorway. Kävlinge a small but charming municipality with a rich history, beautiful natural areas and good communications.

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