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Greater Copenhagen Höganäs

Höganäs is an urban area and municipality in southern Sweden, located in Skåne County. The town has approximately 16,000 inhabitants and the municipality has approximately 28,000 inhabitants. Höganäs is known for its ceramics industry and has a long history in this area. Already in the 19th century, ceramics began to be produced in Höganäs and today Höganäs Keramik is a well-known producer of high-quality ceramics that is sold all over the world. In addition to the ceramics industry, Höganäs is also known for its beautiful nature and its proximity to the sea. Here there are fine beaches, cliffs and nature reserves where you can hike and enjoy the Scanian nature. Höganäs municipality also has a rich cultural offering with several museums and art galleries. Among other things, there is a ceramics museum where you can learn more about the history of Höganäs ceramics and see exhibitions of ceramics from different time periods. In Höganäs there is also the opportunity for active leisure with many different sports clubs and a large outdoor activity. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops where you can buy locally produced goods. In summary, Höganäs is an urban area and municipality with a rich history, a thriving ceramics industry, beautiful nature and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

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