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Greater Copenhagen Malmö

Malmö is a city in southern Sweden and is the third largest city in the country, with a population of over 357,000 inhabitants. The city is located by the Öresund and is the southernmost city in Sweden. Malmö is a multicultural city that has undergone a major transformation in recent decades. The city is known for its modern architecture, with tall buildings and impressive works of art. An example of this is the Turning Torso, which is a 190-meter high skyscraper that is one of the tallest buildings in the entire Nordic region. Malmö is also known for its lively cultural scene, with many concerts, theater performances and festivals organized throughout the year. One of the city’s most popular festivals is the Malmö Festival, which takes place every summer and attracts visitors from all over the world. The city also has a strong focus on sustainability, and has become a forerunner in the field in Sweden. Malmö is the first city in the country to have a cycle highway, and the city has also introduced a number of other initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote sustainable transport. Malmö also has a rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages. One of the city’s most famous sights is Malmöhus Castle, which is one of the oldest preserved castles in the Nordics. The castle has had many different functions over the years and today functions as a museum. Malmö is a modern, multicultural city with a rich history and a lively cultural scene. The city is known for its impressive architecture, its focus on sustainability and its many festivals and events.

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