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Greater Copenhagen Burlöv

Burlöv is a municipality and urban area located in Skåne County, southern Sweden. The municipality borders Malmö in the south and east and Lomma in the west. The central part of the municipality is located just a few kilometers north of Malmö, which gives residents proximity to the city’s facilities and work opportunities. The town of Burlöv, which is also the municipality’s central town, has a population of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. However, the whole municipality has more inhabitants than that, and it has seen steady population growth over the years. Burlöv dates back to ancient times, and there are traces of human activity in the area that stretch far back in history. During the Middle Ages, the area belonged to the Danish kingdom, but it later became part of Sweden after Skåne was conquered in the 17th century. The municipality is known for its green areas, parks and nature reserves, which provide residents with opportunities for recreation and outdoor activities. Burlöv also has a well-developed network of cycle paths and footpaths that promote sustainable and active transport options. In Burlöv there are several smaller industries and companies, but many of the residents commute to work in Malmö and other nearby cities. The municipality is known for offering a pleasant living environment with a mix of housing, greenery and amenities within easy reach. Burlöv is a municipality with proximity to the advantages of the big city while offering a more secluded and close to nature lifestyle for its residents.

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